Clockwork and Chivalry – Character Generation Summary

Below the fold is the summary of social statuses, professions, and factions in Clockwork & Chivalry, as I promised in my Nobilis post. I handed it out to my players so I could help everyone generate a character at the same time with some speed, as opposed to having everyone sit with a book.

Social Status Chart

Name Description Available Professions
Peasant Poor country dweller, probably began life doing farming of some sort Agitator, Camp Follower, Cottager, Craftsman, Cunning Man/Wise Woman, Devil’s Horseman, Entertainer, Farmer, Iconoclast, Mechanical Preacher, Mercenary, Outlaw, Physician (Herbalist), Preacher, Rook, Sailor, Smuggler, Soldier, Spy, Vagabond, Witch/Warlock, Witch Finder, Woodsman
Townsman Poor city dweller Agitator, Camp Follower, Clerk, Craftsman, Entertainer, Highwayman, Iconoclast, Journalist, Mechanical Preacher, Mercenary, Outlaw, Physician (Paracelsan), Preacher, Rook, Ruffian, Sailor,Smuggler, Soldier, Spy, Thief, Valet/Lady’s Maid, Watchman, Witch/Warlock, Witch Finder
Middle Class Made some cash doing something, but not landed gentry Agitator, Alchemist, Clerk, Craftsman, Entertainer, Highwayman, Iconoclast, Journalist, Mechanical Preacher, Mercenary, Merchant, Physician (Galenic), Preacher, Rook, Scholar, Smuggler, Soldier, Spy, Witch/Warlock, Witch Finder
Gentry Landowners by royal right Alchemist, Cavalier, Clerk, Courtier, Farmer, Highwayman, Iconoclast, Mechanical Preacher, Member of Parliament, Mercenary, Physician (Galenic), Preacher, Rook, Sailor, Scholar, Soldier, Spy, Witch/Warlock, Witch Finder
Nobility Probably have an actual title to go with those lands Alchemist, Cavalier, Courtier, Highwayman, Iconoclast, Lord/Lady, Mechanical Preacher, Member of Parliament, Mercenary, Physician (Galenic), Preacher, Rook, Scholar, Soldier, Spy, Witch/Warlock

Professions Chart
“ * ” means only individuals presenting as men may do the job.

Profession Description Faction Type
Agitator Professional rabble-rouser and zealot Primarily Parliamentarian
Alchemist You do elemental magic with a “sorcerer’s stone” Royalist
Camp Follower Groupie/roadie for an army Any
Cavalier* Fancy knight for the King Royalist
Clerk* Scribe/administrator Any
Cottager Poor farmer eking out a living on a scrap of land Any, but poor
Courtier Former member of the Royal Court or its appurtenant governaces Primarily Royalist
Craftsman You make stuff Any
Cunning Man/Wise Woman User of small, non-evil magics Any, but likely not non-Anglican Protestant
Devil’s Horseman * Member of a Scottish Satanic cult with power over horses Devils’ Horsemen
Entertainer Itinerant amusing person, possibly with music/theater skills Any
Farmer Duh Any
Highwayman Daylight robber on the main roads Any
Iconoclast Professional destroyer of religious images Any Protestant/Parliamentarian
Journalist “Extra, extra!” Any
Lord/Lady Your job is being an aristocrat Likely Royalist
Mechanical Preacher Maker of magical clockwork objects Parliamentarian
Member of Parliament * Current or former legislator Any
Mercenary * Soldier of fortune Any
Merchant Buy low, sell high Any
Outlaw Fugitive or otherwise itinerant criminal Any
Physician (Galenic)* University-trained doctor Any
Physician (Herbalist) Peasant healer Any
Physician (Paraclesian) Middle-class peddler of salt and sulfur-based chemical remedies Likely Parliamentarian
Preacher Proselytizer and possibly a minister Any Christian religious
Rook You gamble. And cheat at it. Basically a professional grifter. Any
Ruffian You part people from their cash with violence or the threat of imminent violence, usually in an urban area and without the flair of the highwayman Any
Sailor * “We sail the ocean blue…” Any
Scholar Professional academic Any
Smuggler Makes the Kessel Run in 10 parsecs Any
Soldier * Hurts specifically-identified people under specific circumstances Any
Spy Because tinker, tailor, and soldier seemed boring Any
Thief Freelance property re-appropriator Any
Vagabond Basically a homeless bum Any
Valet/Lady’s Maid For the Downton fans Any
Watchman * 17th Century police Any
Witch/Warlock Made pact with Satan for edritch power Satanist
Witch Finder Professionally accuse people of being witches based on what you think witches are. Any religious
Woodsman A lumberjack, and you’re OK Any


where your character’s primary loyalty lies

Name Description Connected To
Adamite Heretical anti-marriage nudist sect Any pre-socialist or free-thinker
Anabaptist Radical Protestant, pacifist Protestants, sorta
Catholic “Bow your head with deep respect/ and genuflect, genuflect, genuflect” Royalists
Clan You’re Scottish, and you have a clan Scotsmen
Clubman Supporting the downtrodden against both Royalist and Parliamentarian Any pre-socialist
Covenanter You’re a Scottish apocalyptic believer Scotsmen, Presbyterians
Deist Reason + God = Awesomeness Pre-socialist or free-thinker
Digger (True Leveller) Commune-living socialist Any pre-socialist
Fifth Monarchist Crazy apocalyptic Protestant who may violently immanentize the eschaton Any crazy Protestant
Friends of Truth Christian hippies Pre-socialists, Anabaptists
Gang You belong to a criminal gang Nobody
Guild You belong to a trade guild Depends
Horseman’s Word Scottish devil-worshippers with horse control powers Satanists
Invisible College Alchemist school! Royalists
Laudian Orthodox Anglican Royalists
Leveller Pre-communist, closest to liberal democrat in 17th C. Any pre-socialist
New Model Army Cromwell’s Army Parliamentarians
Parliamentarian Up with Parliament over the King! Parliamentarians
Presbyterian Puritans with a hierarchy Other Presbyterians
Puritan Let’s be super-into the least fun form of Christianity ever! Parliamentarians
Ranters Traditional morality is a lie, but morality can be found in passion and nature. Free-thinkers, sometimes pre-socialists
Royalist Kings are necessary Royalists
Satanist Hail Satan! Give me magic power! Satanists
Self-Interest My personal goal is more important than anything else Whoever helps me get ahead
Tinker Puritanism for Mechanical Preachers Parliamentarians