Nobilis – the appendix of character creation

Having read through all of the sections of Nobilis 3e with rules in them and much of the flowery cosmology sections without; I have a basic grasp of the mechanics, which are actually pretty interesting for role-playing godhood.

Basically, if you have enough power, it’s achieved. There’s no initiative or timing rules; in fact, you can try to change the immediate past if a gamemaster-described event is not to your liking.

However, while you won’t flub Gozer’s question to the Ghostbusters like Ray did, like another Bill Murray movie, you’re a god, not the god. Your power is very finite and it’s entirely possible to burn yourself out.

However, I am having a little trouble with the character creation rules. There’s one set of rules with numbers attached, and a totally different set of rules for a “life path” where one draws a complicated idea map that could very easily plug into the numerical rules but it does not say anywhere that it needs to. It’s like the appendix at the end of the small intestine; interesting but seemingly useless.

Were I running Nobilis, I would force the players to use the life path system to determine the type and intensity of their Bonds (intrinsic limitations that can be used offensively), Afflictions (limitations the gamemaster uses to force action and give you extra magic), and Anchors (people and things you have a special connection to so you can use powers through them). Otherwise, it’s a twenty minute waste of time.