Card Hunter – A Flash Game Blast From the Past

So, instead of blogging, or doing anything else I’ve been promising to do, I’ve been playing the free-to-play game Card Hunter by the Blue Manchu studio. It’s ridiculously addictive.

It’s a “collectible card” computer game, but with the conceit that you’re playing something strangely similar to but clearly not using any licensed trademarks of Dungeons & Dragons, somewhere between 1st and 2nd Edition. Lots of moving little people on grid mats while a geeky teen in a cape tells you you’re in the lair of the kobold king or whatever.

As it sounds, the game doesn’t take its setting that seriously, although each battle does have a lovingly-rendered fake D&D module cover and chapter page to set the flavor of the next encounter.

As for the battles themselves, they’re fun. Each item equipped on one of your three characters grants them a number of cards to play with, which are randomly drawn each turn, so you either are chasing baddies around the board hoping to use your attack cards, running away from baddies hoping you’ll draw some attack cards, or just wondering why you equipped that weird item in the first place because these cards are effing useless. It’s all in good fun.

So, if you want to suck up all your time in a free-to-play game, and the Kim Kardashian game doesn’t do it for you (playing that I somehow ended up with an albino lesbian character who dressed like a Forever 21 clearance rack threw up on her), Card Hunter is worth a try.