Nobilis – Halfway Through Character Creation

So, got halfway through trying to make a Nobilis character recently (if anyone really wants, I have a draft post where I “live blog” the process). The big issue is that the Lifepath isn’t actually tied to the scores, so you generate a really fun mind map that’s sort of relevant to how you gain experience, but then, when you try to tie it to the other numbers in the game, you can really get disappointed.

This disappointment is more than the disappointment where, for example, in Ars Magica I learn that my just-out-of-apprenticeship maga can’t do anything else if she wants to huck fireballs at things, or in Cyberpunk 2020 where you learn your newbie Netrunner actually doesn’t have skills in anything remotely useful outside the ‘net. In Nobilis, you generate all sorts of interesting connections, needs, and wants, but paying for them with the limited points you have for bonds, anchors, etc. is tough.

It almost makes sense to do things the other way, to do the math first, and then the lifepath. I’m going to try that for the next attempt; I’ll make a character that’s generically powerful, and then fill in the lifepath from there.