Hillfolk in the Holy Land?

So, succumbed to the latest Bundle of Holding and picked up Pelgrane Press’s Hillfolk, the RPG that bills itself as having play like an HBO original series.

The base setting for Hillfolk is an early Iron Age tribe. I thought we were talking about the late European Iron Age, until I saw pg. 68, which is a map of the area.

Hillfolk’s hills, if I’m not mistaken, are the Judean hills, with the Jordan River to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Given that I’ve spent more time than I’ve cared to puzzling over Israeli road maps, I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaken (also it says it’s the 10th Century Levant two pages later).

I’m actually a little disappointed by this, because the instructions around this map are to make the area abstract and suited to whatever story you want to tell, which is great, but the Levantine early iron age was actually super-interesting, with all sorts of amazing cultural and religious details, but unless I’m a super-nudgy GM who demands them in despite the opposition of my players those details will never get included.

Otherwise, I like the system and look forward to trying it out. I also think running the underlying mechanics would be good for my “Eleanor Roosevelt’s Commandos” setting.