Annalise – Summary of Play

Thought I might write down what happened in the last session of Annalise, in addition to the general thoughts I posted earlier. Part of this is to record the progress for next session. If this interests you, it’s below the fold.

ROUND 1: Introductions

The first round of Annalise is where everyone goes around the table and introduces their characters and their “vulnerabilities.” Only a little roleplaying takes place here.

Mary Williams, a grad student in something we ended up calling “useless history,” who has self esteem issues.

[Character whose name I’ve forgotten as the player kept his own sheet], a college drop-out who works as a reenactor in the historic area near Mary’s college. He’s unlucky in love. [Character] hits on Mary while she’s trying to stay out of the rain in a coffeehouse.

Ginger King, an administrative assistant at the historic area where [Character] works. She has some screwed-up family issues.

Lucy Chowning, authorized ghost tour guide and Ginger’s roommate. She sees dead people, which is problematic for her.

Wallace L. Dill-Paxton (my character), associate professor of “useless history” at the college Mary Williams goes to and one of the professors who flunked [Character] such that he ended up leaving school. Wallace has problems with getting romantically obsessed with his students.

ROUND 2: The plot begins.

Mary’s Turn: Mary leaves the coffeeshop and gets a text message from her roommate and fellow Useless History classmate, Marcie, leading her to the library. When Mary arrives, Marcie is conked out on a couch, insisting that she didn’t text Mary at all, but has a tiny corner of a page of an old book lodged in one of her hands. Later that night, Marcie has horrible night terrors, which Mary believes have something to do with the book page.

[Character]’s Turn: [Character] is getting a coffee from a convenience store. There is a mysterious spill from the iced beverage machine (not using anyone’s trademarks, but you know what I’m talking about); the liquid in the machine is the wrong color and strangely ominous. The clerk seems to become ominously subdued upon contact with the liquid. [Character] manages to keep things from getting too weird and runs into a tricorn hat maker named Werner Herzog (no relation to that “no-talent assclown” responsible for Cave of Forgotten Dreams) who knows more about the situation than he’s willing to say at current.

Ginger’s Turn: Ginger is at an office party where a very strange wine is pushed on all the office workers by their new co-worker Bob. Taking a sip of the wine causes Ginger to hallucinate Bob having a skull for a head and be otherwise super out-of-it. Ginger eventually shakes it off after having lunch, although she still sees Bob with a skull head. Hat maker and man of mystery Werner Herzog also appears, and is once again cryptic.

Lucy’s Turn: Lucy seems to be sensing more evil ghost activity than normal. In order to test her senses, she goes to the graveyard of the church in the historic area. Strangely, it’s less ghostly than she’s been seeing, but when she tries to leave the church, the gates are unnaturally sealed to her. Lucy calls upon a little magic she picked up somewhere to surmount the gates, but the effort leaves her without most of the things she was carrying and some element of the magic on the gates causes Lucy to lose her ability to speak. Fortunately, she does have some inkling of the culprit; Lucy sees the clerk from the convenience store running away after she breaks out.

Wallace’s Turn: Mary comes to Wallace with the corner of the paper she retrieved from Marcie. Wallace stares at it, dates it as “approximately…old,” and identifies it as a discredited passage of an old text in the field of Useless History, one referring to scandalous rumors about ancient European princes. Mary refuses to tell him why the book is interesting to her, but Wallace’s interest is piqued anyway (he needs to publish something new sooner or later), so he and Mary tromp off to the library to find the book. Which they do, except the offending chapter is ripped out. So Wallace goes to the inter-library loan librarian and asks her to get him a digital copy of the chapter, which she doesn’t want to do because Mary apparently is behind on her fines. Wallace eventually has to browbeat her into it, which may have minor repercussions to his career in the future. But he’ll be getting his chapter now.

Action returns to Mary next time. Wonder what will happen then?